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Enhance your business by taking advantage of the product suggestions and marketing strategies oulined here.
How to Build Relationships On-line - Lesson 7
1. Protect Your Customer's Privacy
There is no such thing as a good relationship without trust. You must earn your customers' trust everyday online by keeping their personal information absolutely secure from the prying eyes of hackers or the competition.

Designate secure or "Members Only" areas of your site where you and your customers can be confident about sharing valuable industry information and resources online. (A good strategy for managing all supplier and employee relationships too).

    More Ideas
  • Assign user passwords that give specific, limited access to important site users
  • Change the content of your secure web pages frequently to encourage repeat visits
  • Instigate multiple levels of access for employees, suppliers and customers by customizing Aloak SecureZone
2. Know Your Visitors by Name
Creating a secure zone requires that visitors identify themselves fully before being issued a password. The information your visitors supply can be used to enhance your company's sales and marketing program.
  • Identify every visitor by name, address, area code, email, industry and occupation
  • Generate lists of all visitors to secured areas
  • Segment visitors by their relationship to your company
  • Segment visitors by their visiting behaviour, pages visited and level of interest
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