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Domain Registration and Renewal

Aloak provides domain name registration services for popular domain name extensions. Currently, we register domain names for .com, .net, .org (International domain names) and .ca (Canadian domain names), as well as the new .biz and .info extensions . By registering a domain name, you can set up a web site on the Internet which has a name branded to your identity.

Aloak provides the best value for domain name registrations anywhere on the Internet. We register domain names for only $29.50 per year using an automated process that makes it easy to get your registration done.

To register Canadian domain names (names that end with .CA), select Aloak as your CIRA Certified Registrar.

Registration is fast and easy. Just click on the 'Domain Registration' button on our home page and start registering your domain. Be sure to take advantage of our bulk rates, described in the next section.

If your Domain Name Registration expires, the registration is suspended for 30 days. The cost to renew EACH suspended registration is $300.00, in addition to the regular charge of $29.50 per year to renew a Domain Name Registration.

Domain Registration (bulk rate)

You can save by registering domain names in bulk. A great bargain for resellers. If you register domain names using our regular service, described in the Domain Registration section, you automatically receive the current bulk registration rate after completing 25 domain registrations.

Bulk rates apply on a per customer basis. This means you must use the same Aloak customer Username and Password to register domain names each time. If you need to set up another Aloak customer account, and wish that account to benefit from the bulk rate, please contact: sales@aloak.ca.

You can also pre-pay to take advantage of the bulk rate immediately. Instead of registering domain names at the regular rate until you hit number 26, you can pre-pay for 25 registrations a the current bulk rate, please contact: sales@aloak.ca.

Late renewal of a CA Domain Registration

There is no charge for a late renewal a domain name registration.

Change of CA Registrar

$45.00 per domain
If you change your Registrar because you want to use Aloak as your CIRA Certified Registrar, there is a fee of $45.00 per domain name you transfer to Aloak. You benefit by receiving an extra year on your registration term. So, for instance, if you registered a domain name for 1 year, then switch to Aloak as your Registrar, you receive another year is added on to the registration term, making your registration 2 years instead of 1.

Change of CA Registrant

$45.00 per domain
If you need to transfer domain names to another CIRA Registrant, the new Registrant is charged the Change of Registrant fee and receives the added benefit of an additional year for the registration term. This means if you registered a domain name for 1 year, for instance, and transferred that registration to another CIRA Registrant, the registration term is now 2 years for that domain name.

Upgrade of a CA Domain Name (to second level)

If you have a domain name registration in the CIRA Registry of the form xyz.on.ca, you can opt to upgrade this domain name to 'xyz.ca', provided that no one else has a domain name registered of the same form, at the same level, such as xya.ab.ca. To request a CA domain name upgrade, or to find out more about this service, click here.

Register a Conflicting CA Domain Name

Admin Fee - $50.00
Registration Fee - (as outlined above)
CIRA has a blocking mechanism in effect which prevents the automatic registration of domain names where a potential conflict exists. For example, if you have registered the domain name xyz.on.ca and someone wants to register xyz.ab.ca, your permission is required because there is a conflict or possible conflict in two persons having an interest in very similar domain names. CIRA considers it a conflict, even if the person is you. You require your own permission unless no one else had a domain name registered at the same level similar to yours. Where permission is required, the procedure to register a conflicting domain name is used to ensure that permission is given for a possibly conflicting registration, so that no conflict arises. To find out more about registering a conflicting domain name, click here.

Register a Municipal CA Domain Name

Admin Fee - $50.00
Registration Fee - (as outlined above)
CIRA has a blocking mechanism in effect which prevents the automatic registration of muncipial domain names (names of the form [town|city].municipal_name.[prov].ca). To find out more about registering a conflicting domain name, click here.


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