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Save time and money. Transfer your domain registration to Aloak today and take advantage of our easy to use management tools.

Transfer your domain to Aloak today
Your domain transfer fee of $45 includes 1 additional year of registration for your domain, all subsequent renewals will be $29.50 ($25 for Aloak customers with more than 25 domains) per year.

Note: A domain can only be transferred if the Administrative Contact email address is accurate and functioning. Before you attempt to transfer a domain, make sure that the Admin Contact Email is valid.
Here's How

Locked Domains Can Not be Transferred In some cases a domain will not transfer due to it being locked at your current registrar. Please ensure that your domain name is unlocked at the current registrar before submitting a transfer request to Aloak.

Enter the domain name to transfer to Aloak below.
Domain Name: 
 Ex: yourdomain.ca
Domain Transfer Process
  1. Submitting your domain above will initiate the following process
    1. Transfer availability check
    2. Select hosting option
    3. Sign in or create an Aloak Customer account
    4. Complete the purchase of the transfer
    5. Enter new contact information (International domains only)
  2. Confirmation email is sent to the Administrative (Admin) Contact
  3. Admin contact must follow instructions in confirmation email (different for Canadian and International domains)
  4. Successful transfers are completed in approximately 7 days. Confirmation of successful transfers will be provided by e-mail notification.

Please take a moment to review our Registrant Agreements: Canadian Domain Registrant Agreement and International Domain Registrant Agreement. The Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy is also available for your review.

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Domain Transfer
* Renewals of transferred domains are $29.50 per year. Transfers and registrations are included with the purchase of an EcomHost or SuperHost hosting package.
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